Resourceful Pioneers

3 girls in pioneer costume carding and spinning wool

Nothing was wasted in the pioneer home.  Pioneers reduced, re-used and recycled out of necessity.  Every part of an animal or plant was put to use.  Nature supplied dyes for fabric and medicines for the family.  Clothing was handed down to younger children, and then recycled into quilts or rugs when it could no longer be mended. 

This program gives students the opportunity to explore the self-sufficient and non-wasteful lifestyle of the pioneers. Opportunities for hands-on activities such as carding wool and weaving a rag rug, as well as playing a pioneer game, will bring the experience to life for the students. 

Available Dates: 
Spring: Monday, Tuesday, Friday
October Mon. to Fri.
Maximum Number: 30 Students
Time Required: 2 hours
Cost: $4.50 per student
School Grade Levels: 2, 3, 4

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