Settler "Sampler"

Two pioneer costumed women baking on an old cast iron stove

A guided tour of our heritage village gives your students the opportunity to learn about the life and work of the settlers.  Visit the homes, blacksmith shop, railroad station, historic church, carpentry shop and fire hall.  To maximize student interest and learning, choose the hands-on activities that best suit your class and its focus of study. 

Activity options

Choose one from each grouping:

Choose one of:

  • churn butter and sample it on fresh bread
  • bake using the wood stove and sample the results
  • make and take home a pioneer craft
  • work with leather

and one of:

  • make rope
  • complete a lesson on a slate in the schoolhouse
  • play an old-time recess game
Available Dates: 
Spring Monday, Tuesday, Friday
October Mon. to Fri.
Maximum Number: 50 students
Time Required: 2 hours
Cost: $4.50 per student
School Grade Levels: 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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