World War I Memorial


Moore Museum is home to a display of memorial plaques honouring local men who made the ultimate sacrifice during World War I.  These memorial tablets were originally housed at Moore Township’s township hall at Moore Centre.  When the township office was relocated to Brigden, this building became the Women’s Institute Hall.  With the closing of this hall, the tablets were no longer available for the public to view.  To prevent the loss of these important historical items, they have been donated to Moore Museum and are now on permanent display in a shelter constructed by Moore Museum’s volunteer team.

The WWI casualties honoured on these tablets are:

  • Sergt. Peter Gauld
  • Flt. Lieut. Thos. Wilfred Duncan
  • Pte. Samuel Brigden
  • Pte. Walter R. Browning
  • Pte. Frederick Arthur Keene
  • Pte. Wilfred Keene
  • Pte. Harold M. Phillips
  • Pte. Frederick Robinson
  • Pte. Clarence Shaw
  • Pte. Charles N. Taylor
  • Pte. Harry R. Tuddenham