Grade 1

Community Christmas Celebrations: Traditions of the World Arrive with the Settlers

Grade 2 students will learn about the Christmas traditions brought to our community by early settlers from many countries.  This will allow students to gather information on past traditions and celebrations of Christmas for classroom discussion of continuity and change in the various holiday traditions of their families today.


Students visit the log cabin, where they learn about the many uses settlers had for their apple harvest. A dried apple wreath will be made by the class to take back to school to be proudly displayed in the classroom.

In the Victorian cottage, students will have the opportunity to use a reproduction late-1800's apple peeler and play the apple peel game. The freshly peeled apples are then used to make apple crisp to bake in the wood stove. A sample of the results is always a highlight.

Childhood Memories

Make a pioneer toy to take home...
Play Victorian parlour games...
Try on a pioneer costume...
Roll a hoop, write on a slate...

This is an activity-based program your students will long remember.  Visits are made to the log cabin and Victorian cottage where students learn about children's lives during each time period, including playing some games of the day.  Students attend the one-room school to learn proper 19th century behaviour and to try a lesson on a slate.

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