Life in a One-Room School

Working on the slates

This program comes to you!

If your bus money is limited, this is the program for you.  A Museum staff person will visit your classroom (Lambton County and north Chatham/Kent only) and introduce your students to school life in the early days of rural Ontario.

“Life in a One-Room School” looks at student life in early one-room schools.  Hands-on activities are an important part of this program and include writing with a quill pen, doing a lesson on a slate and (for grades 3 and up) an attempt at an early drawing lesson.

Available Dates: 
Maximum Number: 1 class per session (but 2 classes booked for the same day will save on mileage charges)
Time Required: full morning or afternoon
Cost: $4.50 per student plus mileage at $0.47/km
School Grade Levels: 2, 3, 4

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