photo of street scene with Bedard hotel in foreground

As Mooretown’s growth had caused the decline of Sutherland’s Landing, Mooretown in turn declined as Courtright grew.  Courtright had had some early settlement, with a ferry service to Palmer, Michigan (now St. Clair) since 1850, Cathcart’s store opened in the late 1850s and a hotel opened by the 1860s. 

It was the arrival of the Canada Southern Railroad, however, that prompted Courtright’s major growth.  In the late 1860’s the Canada Southern Railroad built a line from St. Thomas to the St. Clair River.  Great things were expected of the village located where the rail line met the river, as it was to connect by ferry to St. Clair, Michigan to make a shorter route from New York to Chicago.  Courtright, named in honour of Canada Southern Railroad president Milton Courtright, grew quickly.  Land sales were expected to be so brisk that on the day lots went up for sale special steamer runs from Wallaceburg and Sarnia brought in prospective buyers.  Numerous stores and industries including a grist mill, spoke factory, cooperage, planing mill and a marine repair shop were established in the first decade after the railroad arrived.  The rail line in Michigan never went past Jackson due to land speculation along the proposed right of way in Michigan.  Even though the expected link did not occur, Courtright still enjoyed the employment brought by the railroad. 

With its location beside the St. Clair River, Courtright has always had hotels.  The “Ferry House” was in operation even before the building boom.  With train service from both the Canada Southern and Erie & Huron railroads, many people also arrived by train to vacation beside the beautiful fresh water of the St. Clair River.



photo of Courtright street with a hotel in the foreground


another view of the Courtright main street


photo of 3 storey hotel with awnings on balconies


photo of an unpaved road beside the river

photo of waterfront with ship, car and customs office


photo of Courtright dock showing railroad tracks


photo of ferry, train and customs office at Courtright waterfront


photo of a salt block under construction


photo of large 2 storey brick schoolhouse


photo of wooden church with central tower


photo of church with corner tower


photo of church with tall centre spire

photo of brick church with front centre tower

photo of large four storey industrial building


ad for Western Salt Company on an ink blotter


photo of railroad station with Courtright signboard

photo of 2 storey frame home

photo of baseball team in uniform


photo of cast on the stage of a Christmas pageant