Main Building

brick main building, former school

Your visit to Moore Museum begins at the Main Building. Explore a variety of exhibits, including 1930s storefronts, 10,000-year-old mastodon bones and marine equipment.

Moore Museum’s main building is housed in the former School Section #2 Moore Township.  This brick structure was constructed in two sections.  The first, which runs north/south, was built in 1942 to replace the former building, a two-storey wood schoolhouse built in 1867, which was destroyed by fire.  The second section was built perpendicular to this in 1952 to add more classroom space.  The two classrooms on the main floor are now exhibit rooms.  The teachers’ room upstairs and the boys’ washroom are now used for artifact storage, the girls’ washroom for offices and the former furnace room is now programming space.