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Photo of architecturally significant St. Joseph Church, Corunna

Churches of Moore

In the summer of 1985, histories of many of the churches in what was then Moore Township were compiled and written as part of a summer project through the Ontario Youth Opportunities special youth employment program, Experience ’85. Our thanks are extended to all members of the local communities who assisted in this project through supplying us with written and oral histories of their churches.

Additional information and updates were added by Moore Museum staff in 2020.  These histories will be added to this website on an ongoing basis.  


photo of exterior of schoolhouse with children playing in the yard

Schools of Moore

This exhibit is under development but will feature a brief history of each of the school sections in the former Moore Township, including photos where available.

Omar D. Conger at dock of Stag Island

The Villages of Moore

The river, the railroads, the forests, the farms -- all these factors influenced the locations of the early villages in the former Moore Township.  This exhibit features the villages that remain today in what is now the north section of St. Clair Township -- a brief story of the growth or decline, the development and changes that each has experienced.

man sailing a canoe and an inset image of a postcard

Vanished Villages of Moore Township

Explore some of the villages that were once part of Moore Township.