One Room Schoolhouse

Known as Bell’s School, this building was constructed in 1887 for School Section #13, Dawn Township.  It was originally built as a size denoted as a “3 window” school, that is, one with 3 windows down each side.  It was later extended to a “4 window” school, due to the growing school population.  In the 1940s, shingles were added over the tongue and groove siding, to keep the occupants warmer in the winter months.  Indoor chemical toilets were also added in the entryway.  When Dawn Township schools were centralized in the mid-1960s, Bell’s School closed. 

When Moore Museum was searching for a one-room school for its site, there were no remaining schools in Moore Township that would have been feasible to relocate and restore, so on August 13, 1991, this building from nearby Dawn Township was moved by Moore Museum volunteers to the Museum site.  It was renovated to its earlier appearance by removing the shingles from the exterior walls.