Brigden - Brigden Methodist Church

White church with square tower

Brigden's Methodist Church history dates back to 1877, only a few years after the village began. Church meetings were held in a hall above Wynn's Drug Store. In July 1877, two lots were purchased on Boswell Street. They were lots 55 and 56 of the Boswell survey. Lot 55 was bought for $40 from Mr. Frank Tye and lot 56 for $100 from Mr. T.R. Clark. The property was deeded in trust to the Trustees of the Brigden Congregation of the Methodist Church of Canada.

The trustees were Messrs. George Jackson and Joseph Booth of Enniskillen Township; John Richards, Reuban Booth and William Pottinger of Sombra Township; and John Hewer, J.W. Wheeler, John Hays and Andrew Harkness of Moore Township. The erection of the new red brick veneer church was begun at once and completed the same year during the pastorate of the first minister, Rev. T. R. Clark.

Rev. Clark was followed by Rev. Jasper Wilson. During Rev. Wilson's pastorate in 1881, a parsonage was built adjacent to the church. That building was the home of Mrs. Aleta Marsh in the 1980s. Previously the ministers had lived on the east side of Main Street, just north of where the Balmoral Hotel stood.

Rev. Kerr followed Rev. Wilson. During Rev. Kerr's pastorate a great revival swept the community under the leadership of Mr. Savage and his Hallelujah Band. The congregation grew and prospered at this time.

Rev. C. W. Vollick was the next minister, from 1885 to 1888. At this time the Brigden circuit consisted of five congregations: Brigden, Bradshaw, Waubuno, Town Hall and Zion.  These churches were supplied by the minister and students.

In 1888 Rev. William Quance became stationed at Brigden. Around this time the Town Hall congregation built the Sixth Line Methodist Church. It was then added to the Corunna circuit. The Providence congregation was added to Brigden.

Rev. Peter Myers arrived to preach at the Brigden circuit about 1891. At this time no students were sent to assist the minister.  Mr. Stewart Johnson of Brigden and Mr. Archie Kellan of Bradshaw assisted Rev. Myers.

The congregation began to feel that more room was needed for church work. Plans were made for the construction of a basement. It was necessary to remove the bricks and raise the church to dig a basement. In 1910 the project began. Mr. Stewart Johnson was supervisor and the construction was completed by the local labourers (usually hired for a day at a time). The project cost was over $5000. Rev. Thomas was the minister and $2000 was paid that year. A mortgage of $3000 remained. During Rev. Key's term from 1915 to 1919 the church was freed from the debt. The mortgage was burnt at a District Meeting.

Rev. Pentland arrived in 1919. He stayed for two years. In 1921 Rev. William Colgrove was appointed minister. He remained until June 1925 when the congregation entered the United Church of Canada as part of the Brigden United Church.