Brigden - Calvary Baptist (Brigden Community Church)

Long white building under construction

In August of 1960 a small white church on Highway 80 was purchased for the purpose of opening a Baptist Church in Brigden. Prior to this, a group of Christian people had been meeting in Brigden Memorial Hall for Sunday School and evening services.  The small church was purchased for $600 and, from then on, Wednesday night prayer services were held in addition to Sunday School. The first sermon was preached on Sept 11th 1960, by Mr. Hal MacBain with 55 members in attendance.  In October of 1960, morning services began as well, and Sunday School was moved to the morning.

Calvary Church was officially recognized on December 14th, 1960 when they were accepted into the Fellowship of Evangelical Baptist Churches.  The Pastors at the time were Mr. Les Morris and his assistant Mr. George Howard.  Eight missionary families were being supported at this time, and the pastor received no salary.

Pastor Les Morris thought that the former pro shop on Sarnia golf course would be suitable for a new church for the congregation. The building was subsequently moved to the church property.  On December 6th in 1961 the building left the golf club property.  Due to cold weather and technical issues, the building did not arrive until the 15th.  The building was donated by Contractors Curran & Herridge. Fibreglass Sarnia and Imperial Oil donated insulation and toilets. Pews were donated from the Church of Latter Day Saints and an electric organ was donated to the church in memory of Larry Whitsett.

In June of 1970 a motion was made to share a pastor with Faith Baptist Church in Lucasville, while still remaining autonomous.  A committee was formed to judge this decision and it was approved.  Rev. Kenneth Beaumont was appointed as the new pastor and the two churches worked well together.

In 1971, a choir was formed under Keith Vansickle, called the “Calvary Gospel Belles”.  Gowns and books were purchased for the choir and they performed around the community. The following year, the congregation voted to sell the original white church to Cecil Abras for $1500.

In the late 1970s and early 1980s, renovations were done to the church building including a new furnace, floor coverings, and enlarging the parking lot. Additionally, the front entrance to the building was changed, new seats were purchased, and the exterior of the building was painted.

The Kids Crusade event was first held in 1983, and Awana, a program for children 2-18, began in January of 1985.

Mark Cuthbert became the new pastor in June of 1984.

Brigden Community Church continues to hold services as of 2020.

A crane removes the belfry from a church