Corunna - Ascension Evangelical Lutheran Church

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Ascension Evangelical Lutheran Church is a relative newcomer to the Moore Township area. It began as a mission congregation several years prior to 1977.  At that time, the Lutheran Church in Ontario placed Rev. Don Schiemann in the Corunna area for the purpose of establishing a Lutheran congregation there. Before this, any Lutheran people in the area went to worship in Sarnia. The congregation in Corunna began its existence with a membership of three or four families worshipping together in the Colborne Street School building.

On October 16, 1977, the congregation gained a charter and official status in the Lutheran Church.  By charter Sunday, Ascension Lutheran Church had thirty-two members (about eleven families).  At a special installation service for Rev. Schiemann, which took place on Charter Sunday, Dr. Albin Stanfel, president of the district of Lutheran Churches, preached the sermon of celebration. The congregation had a worship service every Sunday and this service was preached in English.

About five years previous to obtaining the charter, the congregation had purchased a parcel of land on Cameron St. in Corunna for the purpose of building a church sometime in the future.  Once the charter was obtained by the congregation they could think seriously about building.

The church was built in 1981. The building committee, which included Rev. Schiemann, went to Sarnia in order to hire a consulting firm to design the building.  As is the custom in Moore Township, many of the members of the church volunteered time and labour to complete most of the building work.  This promoted fellowship as well as keeping the costs of the building down.

On October 18, 1981 there was a large opening ceremony for the completed building.  Many gifts were presented to the young congregation by the neighboring Lutheran churches.  The organ was donated, as well as the altar cross, candle holders, missal stands, offering plates and the hymnals.  The altar and the pulpit were also gifts.  Churches who donated these articles included Grace Lutheran and Holy Cross Lutheran in Kitchener, Redeemer Lutheran in Sarnia and Epiphany Lutheran in Detroit, Michigan.

In the morning of October 18, a dedication service was held with Rev. Lloyd Wentzlaff of Holy Cross Lutheran church in Kitchener preaching on I Kings 8:22-30 and I Peter 2:19.  At that celebration Rev. Schimeann was the liturgist and the special organist was Mr. Rudy Scharlach, also from Kitchener. That same afternoon at 3:30 the congregation and guests gathered together for a Festival Service of Praise and Thanksgiving.  On that occasion, Rev. Gerald Scholz of Waterloo delivered a message based on I Kings 8:54-63 and Matt. 16:13-18.  The rector was pastor of Christ Divine church in Sarnia, Rev. Victor Milne.

In the mid-1980s, the congregation consisted of approximately 100 people who showed their dedication to the church through its various organizations. Among these organizations were a Sunday School, Ladies’ Society, Seminary group, Bible study group, and a youth group.  The members put on potluck dinners, Vacation Bible School and an annual fall bazaar.  The church engaged in missionary work and held services open to all.  The church had members coming from places such as Sarnia, Forest and Sombra.

The congregation dissolved in December 1992.