Rural Moore Township - Moore Centre Baptist Church

Small church in rural areasmall white church

Moore Centre Baptist Church was located on the southwest corner of the sixth concession of Moore (Moore Line) and Kimball Road. The land was donated by Mr. William Blake. The church was built by Mr. Alex McKay (the carpenter) in 1891 and closed during Rev. H. G. Martin’s term of pastorate 1917-1921.

Mr. John Marsh bought the church in 1934 for $300, tore it down and built his family home with the lumber just one mile east on the sixth concession.

In 1921, when Moore Centre Baptist Church closed, its members joined the Courtright Baptist Church. The circuit consisted of three churches - Brigden, Moore Centre and Courtright. The Brigden church dropped out in 1918.

The charter members were Mr. and Mrs. Wm Blake, Mr. and Mrs. James Blake, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Eyre, Mrs. Alex Cameron, Miss Augusta Blake.

The pastors were:

  • Rev. James Smithers 1891-1905
  • Rev. W. H. Ebersole 1905-1907
  • Rev. T. W. Mead 1907-1910
  • Rev. Geo. Bowman 1911-1914
  • Rev. J. W. Black 1915-1916
  • Rev. C.E. Scott 1916
  • Rev. H.G. Martin 1917-1921

Written by Mrs. Ruby (Johnson) Ripley