Waubuno- Bethel Methodist Church

Black and white photo of small white church

In the 1860’s, people of the Methodist faith would meet at School Section #9 on the banks of Bear Creek for Sunday School and services. In 1870, this school was moved to the northwest corner of Lot 12, Concession 2, Moore Township.

In 1873, a half-acre of land was purchased across the road from the school for the purpose of building a church.  The following year, the church was built and dedicated, to be known as Bethel Methodist at Waubuno.  The area was served by students and saddleback ministers.

In 1885, the church was part of a five point charge, along with Brigden, Salem Bradshaw, Zion and Town Hall 6th Line.  The register shows 110 names of well-known members of the area in the year 1900.

In 1925, Waubuno Methodist joined with Guthrie Presbyterian to form Calvary United Church.  This church was located in the Guthrie Presbyterian Church location, one mile west on Lot 16, Concession 2, Moore Township.  In June of that year, the Waubuno Church location was closed. It was used as a community hall until 1963.  The church was then sold and removed from the property, which was deeded to Charles Tennyson.